Unite to Light Ghana

A new partnership between Newton South High School in Massachusetts and Tema International School in Ghana brings lights and builds bonds across the globe. Students travel between the schools in April and October for an exchange program—high school students from Greater Accra sharing spaces and ideas with students from Newton. United not just in learning, but in light.

Both groups of students are raising funds to bring Luke Lights and Solar Chargers to help children in Ghana who are less fortunate than they. Students will hand-distribute lights in villages on the outskirts of Accra, while also bringing food and provisions these children so desperately need. 

Since 2.4 million people in Ghana live on less than $1 per day the students have set a huge goal of distributing 10,000 lights. They are UNITED TO LIGHT GHANA. You can pitch in by donating or buying a BOGO light here. 

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Ways to Give
BOGO: Buy a Luke Light or Solar Charger for yourself and we'll donate one. Or
DONATE: $10 gives a Luke Light; $30 provides a Solar Charger.
Buy One, Give One
Luke Light
A lightweight, portable, durable, waterproof, solar task light that is perfect for bedside reading or to have just in case the lights go out. Camping or outdoor enthusiasts can loop-click it onto a backpack. Every day in the sun will give you eight hours of night light.
Solar Charger & Battery Bank

Charge your cell phone, tablet, or other small electronics. With a capacity of 8,000 mAh and weighing less than a pound, it will charge your cell phone 3-4 times. The high powered flashlight makes it perfect for backpacking or your emergency preparedness kit. 
Hear Why Nubuke and Her Friends Started
Unite to Light Ghana
Tema Students distributing solar Luke Lights for Christmas 2019.

Custom shirts from the Tema fundraiser in Ghana!

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