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Solar Power Your Bike Lights
for the Burn 

August 1, 2019
Burning Man--every year, tens of thousands of devotees attend the week-long arts festival and, although there aren't many rules, most people transport themselves around the event on bikes and it is highly advisable to have a bike that is well lit for safety. Many people take the opportunity to turn their bikes into pieces of art with lights and decorations. A unique bike light pattern will also make a bike easy to spot in a sea of bikes at night or on the dark playa.
A friend showing us how easy it is to attach our light to his bike in 2017!
Unfortunately, due to extensive night time usage, the batteries on those bike lights usually go out by the end of the week leading to a dim bike (which can be dangerous as well as boring), a headache trying to change the batteries and a waste stream of dead batteries that is counter to the Leave No Trace principle (the culture of which extends beyond the boundaries of the event to what participants take home to dispose of).

To combat the waste, take a solar charged battery bank to make sure your lights stay charged and bright without blowing through single use batteries. Even better, with a power bank hooked right on your bike, you can go even bigger and brighter with your lights. 

3 Easy Steps for Getting Solar Powered Bike Lights: 

1. Find a Solar Power Bank that works for you. When picking a solar power bank, consider the number of ports, the size of the panel array, weight, durability and battery size. Multiple USB output ports will give you maximum flexibility to power multiple lights or other devices, a foldable multi-panel system will ensure that your battery is portable and can get fully charged every day by the sun. It is also important to make sure that you have a big enough battery to power your lights and maybe even your phone (so you can take pictures of your beautifully lit bike and control the lights -- see below for more details!).
(Disclaimer: we sell the Solar Charger & Battery Bank that you see pictured. We are a nonprofit and for every one we sell, we will donate one to a midwife, nurse, teacher or refugee living without electricity. Buy One, Give One. In line with the Burning Man Gifting Principle

2. Attached it to your bike. We like this holder
 (pictured above as well) because it firmly secures our charger in both the open (charging) and closed positions. You can also pivot the clamp to fit your bike handles, stem or anywhere else you want to clamp it. You do have to adjust the straps to get two USB plugs in at the same time but it’s a simple adjustment and once they are plugged in, you are set to go!

3. Find your epic lights! With constant USB power you can go big with your lights. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • USB colored disco ball light - Bring the party with you with this mobile disco ball. Lightweight and super bright. Plugs directly into the battery pack.
  • Fairy Lights - This 16.5 ft strand of lights syncs to your phone, responds to music, has 29 modes, operates with a timer, has Memory Function so the lights will keep working even if the Bluetooth is out of connect:
  • Wheel lights - There are eight colors and a single button to switch between the  colors and five themes. They are waterproof and have a two-year warranty. Fits on most wheels 16" and larger. Recharge the battery with an included cord.
  • String Lights -  This light strip is waterproof, syncs to music, is bluetooth enabled so it can be controlled by your phone, has a multiple patterns to choose from. Not just one color at a time! Has a timer and adhesive back. 

This year, don’t be left in the dark! Use the sun to brighten your ride and reduce your impact on the environment.

**As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. 

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