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November 15, 2019

We were given an opportunity to speak with Noozhawk, an online newspaper focused on Santa Barbara, CA, about our #GivingTuesday philosophy and strategy. See part of the interview on their social media pages. Below is a transcript from the interview with Unite to Light’s president, Megan Birney.

1) What does "Giving Tuesday" and "Charitable Giving" mean to you?

Giving Tuesday is the Super Bowl for nonprofits. It’s a chance for us to show off our work, rally our teams and attract new fans. I've also heard it referred to as a "global generosity movement," which I appreciate. It's more than just fundraising - it's about the time, energy, passion and resources people around the globe give together on one day. 

2) Why is #GivingTuesday important to you?

Giving Tuesday is an important reminder about the good work being done around the globe.  Often the bad news can be overwhelming but GivingTuesday is a day where we get to celebrate people making a difference and build a community of change-makers.  

3) What drove your organization to participate in #GivingTuesday this year?

We believe that access to light and power are crucial to education, health and prosperity. Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to share that message and build awareness of the problems lack of electricity brings.  

4) How does your nonprofit plan on celebrating or embracing Giving Tuesday this year and into the next year?

For Giving Tuesday this year we are sharing stories of our students, midwives and nurses who use our solar lights and batteries.  We are also celebrating with a matching campaign - one of our donors will match donations made the week of Dec. 2nd - 7th, so we can send more lights and more power next year.

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