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Local Partnership Shines Bright

February 1, 2020

Buy a Bracelet, Give a Light
We are excited to announce our partnership with Simple Wealth, a company with a mission to transform forgotten metal into beautiful, wearable art. Unite to Light’s mission is to bring light to those without electricity. Access to clean and affordable light and energy is critical to improving health, education and prosperity globally.  To support these efforts, Simple Wealth has designed a custom bracelet with the message ”Shine Bright”and will donate half of all sales so that we can continue to bring light to people living without electricity. 

“Our Shine Bright, hidden message cuff, was designed for Unite to Light, with the intent to honor the light that they and their supporters bring to the world. I am donating half of all sales to this important mission. By buying this cuff, everyone can honor the light in each of us, and help bring light to the world,” says owner and designer of Simple Wealth, Lizzy Lewis. 

This partnership will further the mission of both organizations by exposing clients to issues around the lack of electricity and the benefits of solar light. Each bracelet purchased gives a Luke Light to someone in need. A twist on our Buy-One/Give-One ethos. Simple Wealth will also include a card highlighting the donation and work of Unite to Light. 

“Dependency on kerosene and candles for lighting has significant health and environmental risks,” says Unite to Light President & CEO, Megan Birney. “A single solar light reduces respiratory infections, eliminates greenhouse gas emissions and adds hours of productivity to a person’s life. We are honored that Lizzy and Simple Wealth chose Unite to Light as the beneficiary of this beautiful bracelet. For every bracelet she sells we will give a light to a child to study at night, to equip a midwife with the tools she needs to do her job or offer relief to those suffering from disasters. ” 

To purchase a bracelet and support this project, visit the Simple Wealth webpage and help further our mission of helping the world shine a little brighter.

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