The Luke Light
This durable, efficient, lightweight solar powered task light can light your way near or far. Designed for use in developing countries, we have shipped tens of thousands of lights to children learning to read, midwives and health clinics, and to victims of natural disasters. If you have electricity, they can still be quite handy. Use them as a bedside reading lamp, a camping lamp, or for your emergency response kit. For every light we sell to someone with electricity, we will give one away to someone in need. Buy one, Give one.  
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I'm SO impressed with these lights...I haven't been happy with any other solar lights that I've tried to purchase... But, LOVE these lights, as did the other team members that I showed them to...We are excited to take these lights with us to leave in Ethiopia!!

- Judith Knuth

-4 hours of night light for every day in the sun

-8 hours of night light on a full charge

-Powerful 20 Lumen LED light 

-Rechargeable battery lasts 2+ years

-Highly durable, water resistant
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Buy One, Give One
  • For every light purchased as a camping lamp, bedside reading light, or to have in your emergency kit, we'll give one away to someone without electricity. 

    A reading or camp lamp for you, a lifeline for someone in darkness.
Take Lights for Your Project
  • Buy Lights for your charity or service project. As long as lights are going to families and individuals without electricity, we'll sell them to you at cost.