Your donation will go to help those impacted by Hurricane Matthew and still recovering from the 2010 earthquake.

In partnership with WE FreeTheChildren, Unite to Light has already sent 400 emergency-response lights to Haiti. 
Help us do more. For every $10 donation, one light will go to someone in need. First Responders, Medical Professionals, Families who have nothing. 

Make a Donation Today:
Change a Life. Light the World.  
For the price of lunch you can buy a light that will change a life. These lights will be hand-delivered by local Haitians with established on-the-ground relationships.
The poorest country in the Americas has taken a direct hit from the worst Caribbean storm in nine years. Whole villages and towns have been razed. More than a thousand people are dead. Even more people than before need light. 
Some who were on the electric grid got thrown off. Crops were destroyed. Solar lamps can save money otherwise used on kerosene for families to feed themselves. Doctors in clinics without power can help the sick. Rescuers can work into the night.
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