Provide tools for children to study and learn after dark

WE Charity empowers change with resources that create sustainable impact. They help people in developing countries build up stable, thriving communities that give them the power and dignity to support themselves. For every $10 donation, one light will go to a child learning to read.

Less than half of all Haitian adults can read, and only three in four children attend primary school. By high school, that number drops to one in four. Despite the country's best of intentions, schools are often over crowded, ill-equipped or non-existent.
WE Charity is committed to helping build and repair schools, train teachers, provide educational programing, and distribute school supplies, like solar lights. 

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Buy A Light, Give A Light

A Charger for your cell phone, tablet or camera AND a Charger that powers communication, lifesaving tools and economic development.

Change a Life. Light the World.  
For the price of lunch you can buy a light that will change a life. These lights will be hand-delivered by local Haitians with established on-the-ground relationships.

Unite to Light
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Unite to Light is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit and all donations are tax deductible. EIN of 27-2942180