Current Projects
Click on the images below to learn more about current projects around the globe. You can also donate or buy lights for these projects directly through these pages.
Direct Relief sends help where it's needed most: to disasters and emergency situations; to hospitals and community health clinics. They are one of the most reputable nonprofits in the world and we're honored to partner with them to ensure there is light in the darkest of times.  Donate here to help.
We have a long relationship with WE FreeTheChildren in Haiti. This project will supply children at their schools in Haiti lights to read and live by after the sun goes down. 
Lights increase graduation rates by 30%. Help give children in South Africa the tools they need to meet their potenital. 

Thousands of lights have been distributed through Rotary Clubs. Visit our friends at Carpinteria Morning to learn about their success and expand into new projects.

Take Lights
Know of a person or community in need of lights? Traveling there already? Apply to take lights with you. We offer discounted rates to anyone who wants to buy lights for those without electricity.
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